What I learned from transgender dating

I knew from my friends that transgender dating is very popular now, so I decided to have a try. Thy introduced a trans dating app, Transdr to me, I'm so surprised that there are tens of thousands of members on this trans dating app, and I'm one of them now.

For all transgender people and other people who want to date transgender people, Transdr offers the easiest way to find their trans dating partners. Transdr team said that all transgender people can be themselves and do everything they want. It is easy to join this ts dating app. create a profile and upload some photos, then you can start to meet up your trans dating partner. I joined this trans dating apps last year, and my dating experience here is unforgettable. I've matched with thousands of transgender women, and I've communicated with 50 percent of them. This is the best place to start a conversation with transgender people. To be frank, I just wanted to know more about transgender women at first, but I found that dating transgender women is also a great experience. Thanks for this trans dating app for helping me meet my girlfriend, she is beautiful and kind.
I used to think that transgender dating is for fun, so I just want to date transgender women for fun at first. When I join this shemale dating app, I found tat many transgender people, especially transgender women are looking for serious dating partners. This is my first view on transgender dating. Before dating transgender women, I didn't know that whether they are real women. Now, I can say that all transgender women I met on this trans dating app are real women, I cannot find any difference between transgender women and other women here. I not mean this ts dating app is only for serious dating, there are also some transgender people are looking for short term relationships, or dating for fun. It is not only a trans dating app, but also a transgender community, in which all transgender people and their admirers can easily meet the right one for dating.
Before dating transgender women, I couldn't understand why there are more and more people like to date transgender women. Here are some reasons why I date transgender women. First, I found that most of transgender women are easy to get along with, they never ask too much and require a lot. Comparing with other girls, they are easy to get satisfied. They are always grateful for small things, I feel ease and comfortable when dating transgender women. Second, they are beautiful and charming. I'm a man, I like beautiful girls. I can say that my girlfriend is more beautiful than any girls that I met before, I don't mind she is a transgender woman, because it is nothing different between trans girls and ordinary girls. I don't know why I changed my view on trans women, maybe their kindness and other characteristics. Trans dating is for open-minded people, and more importantly, for open-minded heart.