A Letter to all Transgender People

Dear transgender friends,

I'm not a transgender person, but I always want to make friends with you guys and know more about transgender people. I've been working on trans dating for many years, I hope I can help all transgender people find the right person for dating and even marriage, and it couldn't be better if I can change other people's opinions on transgender people and transgender dating in this process.
I've met many transgender people who want to find a partner for serious dating, but it seems difficult for them. In reality, many people want to date transgender people for fun, and just treat them as a tool of entertainment. When it comes to serious dating, few people are willing to date a transgender person. The number of transgender people is increasing every year, and transgender seems to be accepted by more and more people, but trans dating is still a serious problem for all transgender people. Most of people can respect transgender, but only few people can accept dating trans people. Is there any way for transgender people to find someone who can accept them for dating? As far as I know, online trans dating site is a great choice for transgender people. As a transgender person, you'd better not choose ordinary dating sites, because these dating sites are not for transgender people, some of them are even unfriendly to transgender people. Trans dating sites are only for transgender people and trans dating finders, comparing with other sites, trans dating sites are safer and more friendly to transgender people. The users of trans dating sites are mostly transgender people, trans dating admirers and shemale. This is the best way for all transgender people to find a partner for dating and even marriage.
I've also met many people, they are not transgender people but they are interested in dating transgender people. As I've said, most of them are looking for trans dating on trans dating sites, and this is why I always say it is easy for both transgender people and ordinary people to find dating partners on trans dating sites. Ordinary people date transgender people for different intentions, if you are a transgender person and ready to meet and date an ordinary person, you'd better clear about its dating intention in advance. In fact, most of them are dating transgender people for fun. If you are looking for a serious dating partner, this step is especially important for you. How to know about their dating intentions? Some people write their dating intentions in their profiles, you can easily read their profile and know more about them. You can also ask for their dating intentions directly, and tell them what are you looking for at the same time. No matter who are you going to date with, it is necessary to have a basic understanding on your dating partner in advance, meanwhile, introduce yourself to your partner clearly. I sincerely hope all transgender people can meet the