Transgender women can't judge you on these dimensions

From our research, we found that most men are very worried about being judged by trans women who want to trans date. For most transgender women, this is nothing new. I've been to more date analysis meetings than I thought, and I wonder why that man didn't call back. It seems to me that although men may worry about these things, they don't always like women like to talk about them. To ease that anxiety, I worked with a number of trans women I know to dispel the notion that prospective dates are looking for an excuse to leave them alone.

Manliness and strength
That's one reason traditional male and female characters screw us up. Most trans women want a man who can reflect their feelings and doesn't mind them being sensitive. The trans women I spoke with didn't care if a man could catch big fish, be good at sports or how much they could bench push. Their muscles are not what they look for in a man. A man is more powerful if he enjoys sports, or frequent trips to the gym, or any other stereotypical "macho"pursuit, but if he doesn't, it's not a deal breaker. But strength and masculinity are not the same thing as rudeness. A friend of mine says she doesn't like a man who shows his masculinity in risky ways. Or be aggressive in order to "protect" her. Doing so doesn't make her feel safe, it just makes her think he's unreliable.
I have a message for you - I've talked to a lot of trans women about this, and in fact they don't care what your car looks like. Sure, it's great if it's clean and spacious, but as long as it allows us to go where we want to go, we won't judge you by it. Replace the profile picture of your car with one that makes us smile. As a matter of fact, this type of property can easily be extended to other types of property, including your salary. You don't have to own the best apartment or house, and if you don't wear designer labels, your TV doesn't have to be too big. For many transgender women, things aren't everything, and they're more interested in who you are than what you have.
When I asked men how they viewed trans women, the first thing they mentioned was hair. Of course, every woman is attracted to something different. It's impossible to say that all transgender women like growing a beard or balding, but the fact is that most of the trans women I've interviewed are more interested in understanding who people are than in leaving them aside just because of their looks. Obviously, every transgender woman wants to look her best, but don't think she's not right for the moment. Notably, many of my friends have mentioned penis size. Note that most transgender women don't judge you on this.