Interesting things that you can do while crossdressing

First we need to know what is crossdress. Crossdress is when a person of one biological sex dresses in the clothing of the other sex, and of course this is very dependent on social norms and culture norms. In America, dress like men all the time and they are not considered crossdresser, but if a man dresses as a woman, looks like a woman dresses and skirts, put on makkups and wear a wig, they are considered as a transgender. There are several reasons why they do this. They may want to get more attention, they may like women's clothing and more. No matter what the reason is, I know that they like crossdressing.

Are you in need of some ideas of things to do while crossdressing? You just got dresses up and can't think of a single thing to do? Here are few tings that is quite fun and interesting to do while crossdressing.
1. Take pictures or videos
Get a good camera or a smartphone. Then, get a tripod or stand to take nice and beautiful shots. make sure you have good lighting while taking shots. If your room or surrounding is dark, you won't get good photos or videos.
2. Step infront of a large mirrors and pose
Pose, model or practice different gestures in front of the mirrors. Seeing yourself as a girl upclose will definitely make your sensations tingle.
3. doing house chores
You can cook some food, clean the rooms or do the dishes. Get some work done while having fun.
4. Dancing
Learn some dance steps of your favorite female stars. You can find a lot of tutorials on dancing on the website.
5. Walking inside your house
Get a pair of good heels and walk around your house. Go to the living room, sit down for a bit and then go to the kitchen. If you are brave and confident, have all the curtains opened inside your house.
6. Going out for a walk or shopping
If you are confident to go out in public, this is a good way to spend your time while crossdressing. If you don't like being fully exposed or getting a lot of attention, you can go out during the night.
7. Hang out with friends
If you have friends who crossdress or are comfortable with crossdressing, spending time together can be a lot of fun. Go out for a movie, dinner or shopping together. You can also stay at home and have a party or watch a movie with your friends.
8. Go on a drive
Going out in public is an exciting experience for all shemale. G out for a drive around your neighborhood.
9. Spend time in an open place
Being exposed in open surrounding is quite exciting. Take some cautions if you don't want anyone to see you.
10. Go to a beauty parlor
Having a makeover from professional makeup artist can really make you look incredible. If possible, do a photo shoot afterwards to capture those fabulous moments.