Dressing Tips for Transgender Women

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. Similarly, what I want to say is that there are no ugly transgender women in the world, only transgender women who have no idea how to dress up themselves. In their past years, they lived as men. When they become women through gender change surgery, they may feel inadequate to their new bodies and do not know how to live a female lifestyle.

There are many transgender women who can dress themselves up in the right way, let themselves radiate more feminine charm, and can easily lead a trans dating life. If you really want to know how you should dress up to make yourself look more beautiful, then you can refer to the following a few suggestions.

1.Pay attention to your new body

Before you choose beautiful clothes and exquisite jewelry, the first thing you need to do is to pay attention to your new body, including the advantages and disadvantages of your body. Is your skin fair? Are your calves beautiful? Is your chest big? Are you fat or thin and so on? When you have a deep understanding of your body, you can find ways to make the best use of your strengths and cover up your weaknesses. If you feel that knowing your body is a difficult process for you, then you can seek the help of your family or female friends.

2.Dress according to your body shape

Every woman has a different body shape. Different body shapes should be matched with different clothes. So, when you see a model on TV wearing a particularly beautiful dress, if you buy it, it's not a wise decision, because the dress fits the model's body, but it may not fit you. Instead of following the fashion blindly, it is better to choose clothes that suit you according to your body shape. Proper clothes not only highlight the advantages of your body, but also cover up some of your body defects. Based on my observations of many transgender women, I find that A-skirts and jeans are more suitable for transgender women.

3.Educate yourself by every means

When you have a certain understanding of your body shape, you may still be confused about what kind of clothing your body fits. I have the following suggestions. First, you can ask your experienced female friend. Their advice is not the most authoritative, but it can help you to some extent. Second, you can watch some videos on the Internet that teach you how to dress. Usually, in these videos, you can learn what kind of clothes you should wear with different body shapes, different skin tones, etc. These proposals are comprehensive and authoritative. Third, you can ask the clothing salesman for advice. In order to give customers the best clothing suggestions to improve their sales, they will constantly update their knowledge base. So when you are buying clothes, you can ask the salesman for advice.

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