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Dressing Tips for Transgender Women

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. Similarly, what I want to say is that there are no ugly transgender women in the world, only transgender women who have no idea how to dress up themselves. In their past years, they lived as men. When they become

Affection to Your Tran Date is More Than Words

In modern society, especially because of the appearing of a multitude of transgender dating apps, more people will turn their attention to the online dating modes when they are about to hunt for a kinky dating partner. As you know, most of the trans dating apps are international and welcome people from the whole world.

Dating tips for transgender men

1.Be confident As a trans man, you should be confident to ask a girl out, regardless of what kinds of relationships are you looking for. You should also be confident to tell girl that you are trans, be confident to show your love to other girls. I know that you are not sure if your

Two ways to meet real transgender women

Where and how to meet real transgender women? This is always a question of many guys. As we all know that more and more open-minded guys long to date transgender women for fun. Regardless of your dating intentions, lest’s just face the reality, where to meet real transgender women? This is the precondition of ts

What I learned from transgender dating

I knew from my friends that transgender dating is very popular now, so I decided to have a try. Thy introduced a trans dating app, Transdr to me, I’m so surprised that there are tens of thousands of members on this trans dating app, and I’m one of them now. For all transgender people and

A Letter to all Transgender People

Dear transgender friends, I’m not a transgender person, but I always want to make friends with you guys and know more about transgender people. I’ve been working on trans dating for many years, I hope I can help all transgender people find the right person for dating and even marriage, and it couldn’t be better

The Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Transgender People

As the Valentine’s Day is coming soon, do you have any idea about your Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t met your dating partner, now it is time to men your pace. If you’ve already met your dating partner, you can start to prepare for your Valentine’s Day dating. If you are a single, you can

How to survive your online trans dating?

Online trans dating is something like an adventure, because you don’t how what will happen in the future. Online transgender dating is more exciting than other dating, but many people don’t know how to deal with online trans dating relationships. If you are looking for your trans dating partner online, there are some questions you

Effective tips to date a transgender woman

In order to help all singles to find their perfect life partners, there are many online trans dating sites for them to choose from. However, finding a perfect life partner is not easy. Online dating sites provide us with many great platforms to meet more singles, but how to attract them? What will you do

Transgender women can’t judge you on these dimensions

From our research, we found that most men are very worried about being judged by trans women who want to trans date. For most transgender women, this is nothing new. I’ve been to more date analysis meetings than I thought, and I wonder why that man didn’t call back. It seems to me that although